My brother taught me about honesty, generosity, and how important family is. In 2009, he passed away unexpectedly. As a result of my brother’s passing, I began a spiritual quest to live my life to the fullest, finding what brings me joy, and committing myself to making a positive difference in the world.  For my birthday the following year my younger brother got me a small black lab; a sweet bundle of joy who, sensing I was upset, would cover me in kisses, bless me with love, and offer little nudges with her cold, wet nose.
Throughout this journey the unconditional love of my 4-legged companion has carried me through my darkest moments. I wanted to return that love by providing her with healthy treats made with quality ingredients including the most important ingredient, love. I started researching, baking, and testing recipes.
Our mission is to provide quality treats made with love, help dogs in need, and promote pet adoption. We use barley and oat flours, organic meat, and fruit, and shop locally.  Dogs are not just pets, they are family. That is why we offer hand-made treats, baked with organic ingredients, dehydrated over-night, and packaged in eco-friendly packaging. We support animal friendly causes and believe in giving back.